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The Marketing Circle - Connecting the Dots!

Krikorian Marketing Group (KMG) is skilled at maximizing impact by linking the Media, Public Relations with the numerous community grassroots organizations, along with Market Research. Connecting the Dots means SUCCESS.

Over the past decade, KMG has developed positive working relations with the various television and print media that reach the minority and Armenian Population.

KMG understands and respects the political affiliations with the various media and leading organizations in the Armenian Community. Their manners and taboos.

KMG has completed major initiatives with the County of Los Angeles Dept. of Health Services. This including, a Cervical Cancer Outreach for Armenian Women and an Anti-Smoking Dangers of Second-Hand Smoke for the Armenian Community. Each had strong positive results and recognition of achievement for KMG. The programs were supported with all forms of advertising to press releases and partnership with various Armenian Community-Based Organizations.

Television: A dominant medium in the Armenian Media. The numerous producers and cable territories that cover cities where the Armenian Population resides bear this out. KMG's recommendations include the production of Armenian Language Television Spot Commercials along with Live Calls in Shows. These live and interview format programs held to be informative in nature and can include members of the Armenian Community.

Print: To be used to extend reach. Here again broken out by political party affiliation, independent and country of origin. There are as many as twelve (12) Armenian Publications, Ten Weeklies and Two Dailies. Tabloid formats with exception of several in magazine form. Publications are mainly in the Armenian Language.

Radio: This media at the present time does not exist in the Armenian Community.

Events: During the course of the year the various organizations host festivals, fairs, recognition banquets and observances of major Armenian Events. These present opportunities for vendor - booth and educational outreach. Connecting with the Community.

Focus Groups: KMG moderated and organized several focus groups with segments of the Armenian Community. That those from Iran, the Republic of Armenia and other Middle Eastern countries to determine their needs, value and forms of communication. These focus groups and our ability helps us empathize with the Armenian. We are aware of Armenian history and have respect for April 24th, the date of the Genocide of 1015 and the many tragedies that have fallen on their nation. We understand that Armenian Christmas is on January 6th and is celebrated and observed in the Armenian Community.

Strategic Rational Breaks Barriers in Multicultural Marketing.

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